Growing upon a farm in Upstate New York, Kimberly began her coordinating career by planning daily parties for her four legged friends. These parties were complete with delicious treats, (edible) flower crowns for all, and a picnic, under their 100 year old oak tree. She then moved on to vintage treasure hunting and surfing in the cold waters off the New England coast during her college summers. After college, she traded in the country life to move to the big city, New York City, where she transitioned into producing and styling photo and video shoots for advertising companies.

Love of adventure brought her to the Pacific Northwest and true love kept her here. She met her husband in Portland and has been happily exploring the Pacific Northwest for the past 6 years.

It sometimes takes one major life event to rediscover your true passion; what will make you happy each day. For Kimberly, this catalyst was planning her very own wedding to a her husband five years ago. Having a background in planning and production, combined with an eye for “putting a room together” and knowing the devil is in the details, helped her transition to wedding planning with ease. Each wedding is personal, each event is unique. According to Kimberly, her favorite part of working with couples is being able to establish a relationship with each one and help showcase their individuality and what is truly important to them as a couple. Seeing them relax and be able to enjoy the day after all of their hard work is just the icing on the cake!